Faith Quest Team

Faith Quest Weekend #47 Team

Guide Cary Walters
Head Sherpa Chad Michael
Head Sherpa Cindy Michael
Sherpa Room Sherpa Mike McCann
Head Spiritual Director Jeff Tomson
Spiritual Director Erin Hurias
Chapel Counselor/Gifts of the Holy Spirit Kari Johnson
Head Chapel Sherpa Trisha Wise
Chapel Sherpa Laurie Walters
Music Sherpa Mike Klinger
Head Kitchen Sherpa Jo Montel
Head Kitchen Sherpa
Kitchen Sherpa Dean Owens
Kitchen Sherpa Peggy Owens
Kitchen Sherpa Bill Baxter
Kitchen Sherpa Julie Baxter
GOG Sherpa Elizabeth Hulsey
Rally Room Sherpa Alisha Turnpaugh
Know Yourself Ethan Davis
Goals Molly Dazey
God’s Grace and Friendship Bailey Brown
Jesus in the Gospels Addie Haecker
Spiritual Disciplines Tyce Rooney
Marriage Jim Douglas
Marriage Corey Douglas
Singles Josh Troyer
Obstacles Brodie Stith
Christian Community Kim Rodriguez
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Ministry in Action Hally Sweet
Challenge Ashton Moore
Table Sherpa Noah Stafford
Table Sherpa Matt Dazey
Table Sherpa Linden Williams
Table Sherpa Diane Williams
Table Sherpa Bailey Mooney
Table Sherpa MacKenzie Day
Summit Rally Alisha Turnpauth