Faith Quest Team

Faith Quest Weekend #44 Team

Guide  Emily Reed
Head Sherpa  Laurel Callaway
Head Sherpa  Madison Rehbolz
Sherpa Room Sherpa  Trisha Wise
Head Spiritual Director  Eric Alwine
Spiritual Director  Erin Huiras
Chapel Counselor/Gifts of the Holy Spirit  Rachel Hoppes
Chapel Sherpa  Emily Gardner
Chapel Sherpa  Pam Stevens
Music Sherpa  Corey Hepler
Head Kitchen Sherpa  Brock Ostrom
Head Kitchen Sherpa  Gwen Ostrom
Kitchen Sherpa  Mark Hill
Kitchen Sherpa  Jenny Hill
Kitchen Sherpa  Kathy Carter
Kitchen Sherpa  Cheryl Ramer
GOG Sherpa  Laurie Walters
Rally Room Sherpa  Madeline Dazey
Know Yourself  Molly Dazey
Goals  Austin Morgan
God’s Grace and Friendship  Dave Donaldson
Jesus in the Gospels  Nick Cole
Spiritual Disciplines  Mya Carter
Marriage  Bill Baxter
Marriage  Julie Baxter
Singles  Bailey Maxwell
Obstacles  Larry Stevens
Christian Community  Allie Enyeart
Ministry in Action  Ashley Rouch
Challenge  Zach Hill
Table Sherpa  Steph Kowalski
Table Sherpa  Jeff Spicher
Table Sherpa  Kylr Jones
Table Sherpa  Kristi Turner
Table Sherpa  Skylar Hackworth
Table Sherpa  Devon Rooney